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Harvest International Housewares Ltd., founded in 1988, is specialized in the manufacturing of a vast variety in house ware products. Our commitment to quality is best represented by our ISO 9001: 2000 certification which we have held since 2001.

Our company manufactures and trades many different sorts of houseware items. Harvest is currently one of the biggest producers of metal and wire products in China. We focus on a whole range of products for  the bathroom, kitchen, garden and laundry.

Our factories are located just 30 minutes from the Hong Kong Shenzhen border. It has a combined space of 500,000 sq. ft, which is an estimated 50,000 sq. metres. Harvest has a monthly production capacity of approximately 200 shipping containers. We currently employ 900 people.

About Our Products: The Heartbeat of Harvest International Housewares Ltd.

As our website stipulates, Harvest International Housewares Ltd. manufactures vast amount and a large variety of products. These can roughly be divided into the following categories: products based on wire and tubing forming, stamped metal sheet as well as plastic injection, blow moulding and vacuum forming. Although the different manufacturing processes are best demonstrated when visiting our factory, we will attempt to explain in brief our capability in manufacturing different types of products.

Metal and wire products

We offer these range of products in regular steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Depending on the type of material used, we have different types of manufacturing and finishing processes.
The forming of steel sheets, tubing or wire begins with the process of cutting, stamping, drawing, punching and bending. All these are done in house by manual labour with the help of different kinds of equipments and moulds. From the following text, you will understand that we have a comprehensive range of equipments to handle these activities. Moreover, all specific production moulds and jigs are built in our tooling department by a professional team of technicians.  

Welding of the material is an important part of the process for most metal and wire products. This can be defined as melting two different parts of wire or metal to each other. We have over 200 welding machines ranging from small to large, from single spots to multi-spots, from butt welding to T-welding and from electric to argon gas. This way, we are able to handle all different types of welding processes.  

Next the products will be cleaned from their oily raw state through the process of acid washing.  When this is done they are ready for a finishing. There are several different ways to finish a product. Plating is one option. Powder coating is the other.

We are capable of delivering products in many different kinds of plating finish, such as chrome, satin, nickel or antique bronze, antique copper, antique brass etc. We can deliver stainless steel products in an electro-polished finishing as well.

Moreover, Harvest has two epoxy coating lines and two PE dipping lines to handle powder coating. Epoxy coating is a powder spraying process by electro-static gun where powder is adhered to the metal by electricity. The merit of the metal going through PE coating process is that it can pick up a thicker layer of coating for more protection.

PE coating, on the other hand, is a heating process where the powder is adhered to the metal by heating the wire. Coating through epoxy spraying is thinner and more smooth and consistent. Through experience we believe that PE coating is more suitable for steel wire whereas epoxy coating is more suitable for tubing and metal sheets products.  

Plastic products

We import plastic powder in PE, PP, PVC and ABS for plastic injection purposes. The raw material originates mainly from Korea, Thailand or Taiwan. We currently produce a lot of Bathmats in PVC for the American market and folding plastic pinch hangers for the Japanese market.
We also inject all the plastic component parts in ABS and nylon for our garment racks and other clothes dryer products. Our injection machines range from the smallest weighing 80 tons to the largest weighing 600 tons. Our largest machine can produce bathmats up to 950mm long and bath seats up to 2 kg. in weight. Apart from injection machines, we also have plastic blow mould machine for making laundry boots for Japanese market and vacuum forming machine for making PVC packaging material for our own use.  

Harvest International Housewares Ltd.
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